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Date: 12/06/2021

Tesla's announcement: Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit $20,000

                                 Front                                     Rear Installation Status
  Rotor Caliper Oversize? Rotor Caliper Oversize?
OE CCB 410x40 OE 6-pot N/A 410x32 4-piston N/A 3rd Caliper e-PB* Jul-22
Spirited 390x32


Yes 390x28 OE+ Bracket Yes Parts swap Shipping


 ZR1 Yes 390x28  OE+ Bracket Yes Bleeding Req'd Jan-22
Track 420x36 (2pc) RB 6-pot Yes 410x28 OE+ Bracket Yes Bleeding Req'd Jan-22
*Assume a spindle similar to earlier model S with a 3rd (parking) caliper. 
Why Plaid brake is insufficient for its weight and HP by comparing to other muscle cars.

How Plaid Brake Compared to Other Muscle Cars

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