Description Position W x D THK (MM) P/N
Mitsu EVO 8/9/10 (Front), ZR1/Z28 (Rear), RB4L Calipers Front/Rear 131.8x60 16.5 PD1001
Mercedes, Dodge Challenge, Jeep, RB460 Calipers Front 141.6x60 16.5 PD1149
Nissan GTR/Mercedes C63;GTS/CTS-V/Camaro G5 ZL1, RB6L Calipers Front 189.7x65 17.0 PD1291
Mitsu EVO 10 Rear, RB2 Calipers Rear 86.7x47 13.5 PD1368
Corvette ZR1, Mustang GT350*, Camaro G6 ZL1, RB6L Calipers Front 189.7x78 17.0 PD1395
Mustang GT500 (13-14), RB6M Calipers Front 164.7x65 17.0 PD1666
Lexus ISF, MB CLK, RB6S Calipers Front 164.7x60 17.0 PD1666M
Ford Focus RS Front 137.7x60 14.5 PD1977
Camaro G5/G6 ZL1, CTS-V, Mustang GT350, Dodge Hellcat, Jeep TrackHawk Rear 109.7x52 14.0 PD592
Subaru WRX/BRZ, Nissan 300ZX, RB4000 Calipers Front 119x50 14.5 PD647
Brembo GT40 (Front), Nissan GTR (Rear), RB4M Calipers Front/Rear 131.8x53 16.5 PD968

*Require a retrofitted hold down spring kit for GT350 OE caliper.

1. Lead-time: Most of these track pads are in stock for prompt shipment

2. Discount: For those who pre-own RB 2pc rotors and/or RB brake kits is qualified for a 10% discount which will be manually applied upon request and verification.


RacingBrake is pleased to team up with Cobalt Friction - Performance industry's best friction manufacturer on all our caliper kits, which are also used in OE calipers on most popular motorsports cars.

All Cobalt Friction XR-Series Racing Brake Pads feature true 100% "no-bedding required" to achieve full frictional performance, unlike most traditional race pads which require very specific bedding instructions for proper function. Unmatched friction vs. temperature stability and consistency.

Additionally, Cobalt Friction materials exhibit unmatched disc finish and life as compared to any competing racing friction. Cobalt XR1 is an extremely high torque material with an aggressive initial bite and medium-high, linear rising torque curve. Excellent friction stability and consistency coupled with very good modulation, threshold control and release characteristics over the industry's broadest operating temperature range.

The XR1 material is chosen by us for its unmatched disc life and finish versus any other competing friction material of comparable torque. Well-suited for a wide range of platforms, including those with active aerodynamic profiles as well as limited downforce applications, and/or ABS-equipped as well as non-ABS vehicles, due to the direct line pressure to generated torque relationship.


RacingBrake's XR70 compound is also a good choice for track racing:

See this review by a GTR track racer


I have been testing the new RB Brake setup. I was able to get the new XR-70's pads for both my front and rear setup. I also purchased the RB Brake rotors as well for my racing setup. Last year I ran the Endless ME-20's with the Alcons/AP J-Hooks and then the RB Brake rotors. I just finished a two day session at Dayonta (5) session a day for 30 minutes each day. That's a total of 5 hours of racing. I ran the XR-70s and have 90% left of pad. I measured them prior to putting them on, so when I am done with Robling this weekend I will post the different thickness once I get back. I like the setup so far working together with the RB Rotors and Pads. I do not have any fade in the pads and total confidence in the setup. No shakes or vibrations.

Like I said, I am going to a smaller track and I want to get these things heated up pretty hot and see how they do. Daytona is great for 190 mph and coming down to 100 in the bus stop, but you have a ton of road to cool them down. I like the RB design because of the open slot. I know we are all different and have our likes, however after running two years on ME-20's I am liking the XR-70's. The ME's kept eating my rotors. The XR's squeak just like the ME-20s.

This year I am going with the complete RB setup for the One Lap of America event. I will also post before and after pictures once done.


Select PDXXXX-2R1 for Cobalt XR1

Select PDXXXX-XR7 for RB XR70



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