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RB (RacingBrake)


Model Piston Dia (mm) Application  
RB21/RB23 38  Rear 38mm
RB22/RB24 42 Rear 42mm
RB4045 38/38  Front  38/38mm
RB4026 30/30 Rear 30/30mm
RB460 40/44  Front 40/44mm)
RB4M2 30/30 Rear 30/30mm 
RB4M3 32/34 Rear (Porsche)  32/34mm
RB4L1 40/44 Front 40/44mm
RB4L2 32/34 Rear 32/34mm
RB6S 32/34/36 Front  
RB6M 32/34/36 Front  
RB6L  32/34/38  Front (GTR)  
RB6LA 30/34/36 Front (Porsche)  
RB6XL 34/38/40

 Front (GT500)




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