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 WHY RacingBrake is your first choice on CCM Brakes?

Difference in Disc Design and Construction RB vs. Brembo & Surface Transforms:

Brembo & Surface Transforms:

Discs have straight cooling vanes (Left and right are the same)


Brembo Disc (OEM) - Chopped (Short) Carbon Fiber w/Straight cooling vanes:


 Surface Transforms Disc - Continuous (Long) Carbon Fibers w/Straight cooling vanes (Built with RB hat and hardware)


RB Disc - Continuous (Long) Carbon Fibers w/Angle cooling vanes, fully machined.

Discs are engraved with "L" or "R" for proper identification.




All hardware are designed and made. RB uses M6 Allen (vs. Brembo OE M5 w/H head)  for extra strength and easy maintenance.

Rotor Hats

RB hats are machined from forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (vs. extruded) for higher in strength and structure consistency.


Our hat design is programmed to generate "STEPS" to increase the heat path, which provides more cooling surface and extend the heat transfer time to the hub bearing from the disc - A True HAT that's more efficient in cooling, unlike competitions' design with a tapered contour "BELL" which has more immediate heat transfer with less cooling area.




Competition's BELL:





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