Why RB Two Piece Rotor

How RB two piece rotors compare to the competitions:

  RB Competition Feature Comparison RB Benefit
Rotor Design Center Mount Surface Mount Center Mount admits cool air from both IB & OB vs. IB only Cooler brake
Rotor Hat Material (Al) Forged Extruded Forged aluminum is stronger (BHN~115) vs. extrusion (95) Stiffer and Stronger
Hadware Assembly Self-locking (M6) Use Loctite (M5) M6 vs. M5 bolts; 2pc vs. Multiple pieces Self-locking provides consistent torque at any temperature
Disc Material (CI) SAE G3500 BHN~190-220 ? Certified casting hardness vs. unknown Harder iron= higher strength & durability for consitent brake torque delivery
Disc Treatment Heat Treated ? Heat treatred casting vs. unknown Reduce the chance of warping & cracking during heat cycles
Rear Rotor Hat Has iron sleeve for drum emergency braking ? RB rear rotor is 100% compatible with OE drum brake Not just make to fit brake shoe, RB is 100% compatible with OE rear drum brake

How RB rear two piece rotors are made differently from others

RB Center-Mount 2 piece Rotor Advantage Over Conventional Surface Mount.



 1. RB two piece rotor runs cooler than competitions

  • Convergent vane design:


2. RB uses less components:

RB Center Mount design provides widely open & Un-restricted "Air Ports" from both Inboard and outboard while other brake companies try to achieve the same by "directional hats". Without regarding how effective it is, they need 4 components (2 hats, 2 discs) for a pair of rotor vs. RB's 2 components (1 hat, 1 disc-unidirectional)




Stoptech - Requires 4 different components (2 hats, 2 discs) for a set of directional rotor vs. others' 3 components (1 hat, 2 discs), vs. RB center-mount design (1 hat, 1 disc)



3. RB center mount design saves installation space and allow using a deeper pad w/o interfering with the hardware.


4. RB self-locking design w/o using loctite so to retain torque consistent at any braking temperature:


  • Illustration of disc movement (sliding) during heat expansion & contraction:


4. Rotor Treatments:

Disc is heat-treated before machining to minimize the rotor from warping during the extreme heat cycles.

Rotor surfaces are treated by EDP with Black Paint, so all the internal vanes, corners, crevices are penetrated with a uniform coat, unlike plating which can only reach the external surfaces.

What is EDP (Electrophoretically Deposited Paint) coating?


With only a few stops the black paint where the pads in contact, will disappear and show in metallic finish while the rest surface / area remain protected from corrosion, so the rotor will have a nice look for the rest of life w/o undesirable rusty area like OE or others.

RB Rotor:


After Installed:

 After a few stops:


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Trackhawk/WK2 OE two piece:


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