GRAND CHEROKEE SRT8 2006-10 (WK1) BJ-41 (44/44x32)

BJ-42 (28/32x30)




BJ-61 (40/40/40X32) BJ-42 (28/32x30), Or BJ-43 (34/34x30) +

TRACKHAWK* 2018+ BJ-62 (40/40/40X32)

BJ-42 (28/32x30), Or BJ-43 (34/34x30) +

+ There are two different piston size of rear calipers for WK2. Please check your rear calipers to make sure you order the correct sizes.

*TrackHawk Front calipers are the same as SRT8 except with yellow color and longer legs for larger rotors (400 vs. SRT's 380mm).


Brake Bias Analysis:

Model Year Front Caliper Piston Area (CM^2) Rear Caliper Piston Area (CM^2) Total Area Front Ratio Rear Ratio Rotor Size (F/R)
SRT8 2006-11 60.82 28.4 89.22 68% 32% 360x32/350x28
SRT8 2012+ 75.4 36.32 111.72 67.5% 32.5% 380x32/350x28
Trackhawk 2018+ 75.4 36.32 111.72 67.5% 32.5% 400x36/350x28
Rear RB BBK# 2012+ 75.4 (OE) 34.24 (RB4M) 109.64 69% 31% 400x36/390x30

The above table indicates the newer SRT8 front 6 pot calipers set up requires a larger 4 pot calipers & rotors to keep the system in balance.

#This rear BBK is equipped with our RB4M3 calipers (32/34mm piston dia.) and comes with a larger rotors (390x30mm), and pad (PD968) and will make the rear brake works harder and thereby alleviate the brake stress on the front for a healthier, and more balanced brake system.

 Learn how our "reduced" bias rear brake kit help Viper track driver solves OE's too much rear biased issue (opposite to Jeep/Durango front bias).