Why RB Stainless Steel Piston?

Stainless Steel (vs. OE Aluminum) Piston :
  1. Lower heat transmittal, only about 10% of aluminum
  2. Less brake fluid replacement & down time.
  3. Better dimensional stability (Lower heat expansion rate)
  4. More rigidity means more efficient in brake torque transmittal.

How RB pistons are made & advantage

  • Machined from a solid 303 SS bar stock with high strength, hardness and rigidity compared to typical Aluminum pistons.
  • Thin wall cut (vs. straight cut) to reduce the piston weight and increase of cooling surface.
  • Vents (6x) assure stable contact with brake pad and quick brake release.
  • Chrome plated mirror finish for an ultimate braking performance and extensive seal life.
  • Eliminate multiple piece sub-components (seal inside the seal) like some OE (Porsche 996) pistons.

  • Since our pistons are of ONE solid piece stainless steel so no "puck" to chip, separate, or melt (aluminum)

 BMW 135i

Corvette Z06



Advantage of a thin wall cut stainless steel piston vs. straight cut:

weight saving - Lighter wt means quicker brake response in braking and release.


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