Terms & Conditions


All information contained in this website is considered to be appropriate and valid to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing; however accuracy is not guaranteed. RacingBrake assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.


All claims must be written and handled through our contact form. When submitting a claim please provide us with your order number, installation date, what type/compound of brake pads you are using.

If you have purchased from our dealer you must handle any claims with the dealer.


Notify us and your local UPS store within 48 hours regarding the damage and retain the package. Each UPS store has different methods of handling these claims and they will help you settle your claim. When reporting to us please be specific about the condition of the box and the damage to your products (pictures always help). We fully insure all shipments.


RacingBrake warrants that at the time of shipment, the products be free from defects in material and/or workmanship when installed and used in strict accordance with manufacturer instructions and maintenance practices of the automotive industry. If it appears that within 60 days of shipment, the products do not comply with the above warranty, and the buyer gives written notice to RacingBrake within thirty (30) days of discovery of such noncompliance, then after RacingBrake has examined and determined such products to be, in fact defective. RacingBrake will at its option either furnish a replacement for the defective part(s) / component(s), or issue a credit for the original purchase price of the defective product(s). No return after 90 days of shipment.

The foregoing warranty does not include off street and/or track racing applications nor any product that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, or improper installation; nor does the said warranty extend to any product which has been altered, modified, or repaired; nor does the said warranty extend or apply to any product which has had the identifying symbol(s) or mark(s) removed, defaced, altered, or changed. RacingBrake will not be liable for any errors, defects, or omission in the design of any product regardless of whether such design faults result from acts or omissions of the manufacturer, supplier, buyer, or any other party.

WARNING: Motorsports are dangerous. No warranty or representation is made as to products' suitability for use or ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. RacingBrake shall not be liable to purchaser or to any third party for any damages arising out of the purchase, installation or use of any item.

RacingBrake will not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, cost of repair (including labor and/or shipping), special, incidental, or consequential damage of any kind, whether or not based upon warranty expressed or implied, except for the obligations outlined above. In no event shall RacingBrake be liable for any costs more than the original purchase price of the products.


Any order cancellation is subject to a 10% cancellation charge if cancelled between 5-10 days after order, 15% after 10 days. Cancellation after shipment is made can only be handled as a return (see return terms below)


No returns on special/custom made items/brake kits, No return is accepted after 3 months of purchase.

All returns must have an RMA. Any return is subject to a minimum of 15% restocking fee*RMA is valid for 30 days and return must be received within 45 days from the date issued. RMA information must be shown or included in the return package. Shipping charges are not refundable. Any return must have a RMA which can only be requested through (Contact Us). No phone call claim is deemed to be a valid form of claim.

*A return order w/o an RMA, is subject to a minimum of 35% re-stocking fee.


RacingBrake reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, and buyers agree to the current terms and conditions at the time of purchase.