We all know that Subaru brake setups are more confusing than any other car make. In order to avoid confusion and misleading selections by just year and model, we are now also listing upgrade options by rotor sizes. We believe that this is the only way to assure that you are making the right choice for kits and components.

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Select based on your current rotor size - Front upgrade:
277x24mm (10.9"x0.9") - Ventilated

294x24mm (11.6"x0.9") - Ventilated

Select based on your current rotor size - Rear upgrade:

266x10mm (10.5"x0.4") - Solid

266x18mm (10.5"x0.7") - Ventilated
290x18mm (11.4"x0.7") - Ventilated

266x10mm 290x18mm If you have this type of solid rotor you will need this caliper

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