This information is applicable to Tesla Model S and X Plaid for the required modification on dust-shield in order to installing OE caliper BBK (390mm+ for Model S, and 400mm+ for Model X) w/o causing interference (also being benefited from more clearance for the brake cooling)

Original dust shield before modification.

When fitted with 390 or larger rotors - It leaves only about 1mm clearance around the inboard outer edge of rotor, which can cause interference between rotor and dust shield

Especially when you are tracking the Plaid when the rotor is heated up, or making tight corner turns at higher speed.

 The dust shield is attached to the hub by 3 ea of M6 Allen screws. Pay attention to those 3 mounting bosses that are "well" recessed, about 7mm below the surface.

Modification Procedure:

Step 1: Trim the top off with a sheet metal shear.

Approx dimension to remove:


Step 2: Unscrew 3 ea M6 Allen screws.

Step 3: Remove dust shield off the hub.

Step 4. Turn the dust shield around and flatten the mount bosses with a hammer.

Step 5. Install the modified dust shield back.


Now you will gain about 6-7mm extra clearance. Not only it will eliminate the interference concern (between the rotor

and dust shield), but avoid trapping road derbies (stone, gravels etc.) due to tight clearance, but also can provide extra space for brake cooling.


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