FOCUS RS (2016+) G5


RB 2pc Front and Rear stock size (350x28/300x12) 2562+ 2563
RB 2pc Front stock size (350x28); Rear oversize (350x12) 2562 2565
RB Front down-size (322x32); Rear stock size (300x12) fits 17" wheels 2560* 2565
RB Front (350x32) brake kit; Rear (350x12) fits 18" wheels 2566 2565
RB BBK Front (380x32) Rear (350x12) fits 19" wheels 2564 2565
RB CCB BBK Combo (380x34 CCM/350x12 Iron) fits 19" wheels 2C58 2565


  • For your reference, OE front=350x25, rear=302x11mm
  • All our front OE replacement rotors are made to 28mm (3mm thicker than OE 25mm) for extra thermal capacity. This stock replacement disc is the same as Porsche 997 TT rear stock @350x28.
  • 19" wheel BBK rotors are completely swap-able between iron and CCM rotors.
  • RB brake kits' calipers, pads and rotor hats between 18" and 19" iron kits are interchangeable. For example if later you want to upgrade to 380mm brake kit from 355mm, you just need to replace the rotor discs and add spacers (washers), all other components remain the same.

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