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How to determine the piston size (in mm):

Internal Dust Boots Fitment Style (38x32): 38mm in diameter; 32mm in height.


External Dust Boots Fitment Style (38x27.5): 38mm in diameter; 27.5 mm in height.

Note!!! - All seal and boot sizes are dictated by the piston diameter - Not by seal or boots measurement-
Why RB Stainless Steel Piston (vs. OE Aluminum):
  1. Lower heat transmittal, only about 10% of aluminum
  2. Less brake fluid replacement & down time.
  3. Better dimensional stability (Lower heat expansion rate)
  4. Better rigidity in brake torque transmittal.

3. Detail machining & thin wall cut with chrome plate on surface.


Advantage of a thin wall cut stainless steel piston like RB's vs. straight cut in weight saving.
Lighter wt means quicker brake response in braking and release.


Our P/N assignment to OE calipers:

B = Brembo (Caliper Mfgr)
P = Porsche (Car Mfgr)
6 = # of piston (6 pot)
05 = #5 of Porsche 6 pot calipers in our library

Our P/N assignment to Rebuild kit P/N:

B = Boots
S = Seals
P = Pistons

Why RB High Temperature Dust Boots?

This pic showing the typical burnt out boots due to the heat (from GTR front 6 pot caliper), GTR track racers rely on RB HT boots to protect their calipers for extended life.

Read this legendary review on forum (since Oct. 2012) and learn how RacingBrake caliper rebuild components help to improve the braking performance and how durable they are under track heats cycles on Mitsubishi EVO - One of the most popular track cars in those days as Subaru STi.

Since we implemented this easy ordering system, not only it provides consumers making right selection quickly and accurately, but also help to avoid confusion from car mfgr and dealer in dealing with OEM#, VIN#, Year, and Model etc.

We don't just make the components to fit like most aftermarket suppliers, we make them better in material and fitment so they perform much better and last a lot longer than OE.

For example before we make the HT dust boots available track enthusiasts were frustrated by the consistent burnt out & cracked boots. Another popular replacement is our one-piece Stainless steel pistons to OE's multiple piece with "purk" which is fragile and crack under high heat. Nowadays about 75% of Porsche customers are buying RB HT boots+Stainless steel pistons, and run their brakes at lower maintenance, less down time, and track their cars with higher confidence.

Since we introduced HT boots in 2012, we haven't heard one single complaint of boots failure due to the heat, but only a few incidents reported due to mis-contacting with brake fluid and/or brake grease.

When installing high temperature (Blue) dust boots, extreme caution must be exercised from avoiding contact with brake fluid, and never use brake grease, or it will damage the boots causing pre-mature failure like this Focus RS customer.

This brake grease attacks blue boot

 Porsche toasted boots.

Replaced by RB HT boots.


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