Design & Technology

Patented Designs for Improved Brake Performance

RacingBrake rotors are engineered and manufactured to meet the needs of the performance enthusiasts.  From 3D CAD design to tooling development, casting, machining, and surface coating, we control all production processes to insure quality, performance, and value.

Our patented designs, combined with proprietary alloyed cast iron and precision machining assure you that our brake products will achieve the highest level of performance.



Convergent Vane - US Patent#: 7568560
Staggered cooling vanes distribute heat more evenly and efficiently across disc surface while increasing airflow through rotor.



Open Slots - US Patent#: 7097007
Combines the benefits of drilling and slotting without large reduction in disc surface area.  



Reinforced Ribs - US Patent#: 7219777
Extended ribs increase the air flow and rotor strength from warping. Learn more...




Center Mount Design - US Patent#: 7568560
Center-mount rotors provide air inlets from BOTH inboard and outboard. (as opposed to traditional surface mount design only from inboard) Learn More...