2 pc rotor for stock repl. (350/348) w/rear drum brake, or (350/336) w/ePB - 100% bolt-on installation w/o modifications For-Irk-350.348
RB 4/2 caliper stock size brake kit (350/348) fits OE standard (non-beadlock) & aftermarket 17" wheels FOR-IRP-350.348
RB 6/4 caliper BBK (400/390) - Requires 20" wheels FOR-IRP-400.390

Features and benefits of RB brakes:

  • Calipers & 2 pc rotors are 100% compatible & interchangeable with stock components.
  • Rear 2 pc rotors have iron sleeve insert - Fully compatible with OE emergency/parking brake.
  • Brake kit system is designed with no. of pistons" and "sizing" - Having the same exact brake bias as OE. (See brake bias analysis here)
  • Caliper bodies are made of forged aluminum alloy for the stiffness and strength yet light weight; and are our standard shape (no trim to fit).
  • Instead of offering just the front like others, our front+rear balanced system provides users not only the driving confidence but an overall braking improvement.
  • Brake pads are standard FMSI shapes, allowing users to choose their own favorable brands at low cost.
  • Transparency in design (with detailed dimensions), replacement components, and the pricings.


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