Rotor Surface Treatment & Finish

4. Rotor Treatments:

Disc is heat-treated before machining to minimize the rotor from warping during the extreme heat cycles.

Rotor surfaces are treated by EDP with Black Paint, so all the internal vanes, corners, crevices are penetrated with a uniform coat, unlike plating which can only reach the external surfaces.

What is EDP (Electrophoretically Deposited Paint) coating?


With only a few stops the black paint where the pads in contact, will disappear and show in metallic finish while the rest surface / area remain protected from corrosion, so the rotor will have a nice look for the rest of life w/o undesirable rusty area like OE or others.

RB Rotor:


After Installed:

 After a few stops:


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            [ZR1] light weight steel rotor replacement

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