Black or Blue Boots?

Dust boots can help to shield not only the braking heat, but the brake debris and foreign particles (water, moisture, dirt & dust) from getting into the seal/piston chamber thus dust boots can help to improve the caliper performance and extend the life of the caliper.

  Standard Boot
High Temp. Boot
Color Black Blue
Material EPDM Silicon
Temp (F) 300 450
Cost Standard Adder
Installation Easy/Care free
Be cautious -Avoid contacting brake fluid or brake grease
  • Pros - Preferred by track drivers who constantly burn out their OE boots under repeated high temperature braking.
  • Cons - Must avoid contact with brake fluid, and/or using brake grease during installation. A brake fluid leak will attack & rupture the boots.

Note: Although our standard (black rubber) boots look the same as OE or other aftermarket (black rubber) dust boots, they are extremely strong and can resist temperatures up to 300 deg F, which is more durable than OE, in most street-only applications they are more than sufficiant.

Do not use this, or ANY type of lube on blue dust boots (including brake fluid) you will ruin the blue boots. 

Note: when the blue boots are attacked (ruptured), they look fresh blue and show no sign of being burnt by the heat at all.




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