Caliper rebuild service listed here is applicable to both OEM and Aftermarket calipers

Scope of Rebuild Service*

  1. Inspection of used calipers.
  2. Disassemble and clean up the used calipers, remove components off calipers.
  3. Reassemble calipers with new RB rebuild components*.
  4. All calipers are individually hydro-tested to ensure calipers are free of leakage, and pistons, seals, and boots are functioning properly.
  5. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks after used calipers are received.
  6. All removed used components are to be returned to customers.

*Components such as: dust boots, oil seals, and pistons are not included in the service, and must be purchased separately. Click here for caliper rebuild components.

Following terms and conditions must be acknowledged before placing order.
  • Service is applicable only to customers who purchase caliper rebuild components (boots, seals, SS pistons) from RB - In other words no rebuild service can be offered without purchasing RB caliper rebuild components.
  • Powder coating, and OE logo silkscreen (Porsche only) may be purchased as an option adder with extra leadtime.
  • No used caliper incoming shipment is accepted without an order number.
  • Caliper rebuild service is subject to our inspection and acceptance, service may be denied if calipers are deemed to be unbuildable, or additional charges may be assessed due to bleeder valve breakage or frozen.

All used calipers are to be shipped to us with a call tag (Freight prepaid):
Service Department
1556 Kimberly Avenue
Fullerton CA, 92831
Mark Order Number outside the package.