Attention to Prospective Caliper Rebuild Customers:

Our caliper rebuild kits are configured & packaged in the following order of domination:

  1. Piston sizes.
  2. Caliper images (w/piston size listed above)
  3. Application list.
Due to the variety of models/years, plus possible caliper swaps (retrofits) by the users, we can only maintain and confirm the accuracy on #1 & #2, but not #3 which we found is nearly impossble to cover all applications (Years/Models/Sub-Models); but if you have the first 2 items verified you are good to go w/o having to clarify from us why your model is not listed.
This ordering system has been created by RB and used by thousands of enthusiaste for 10+ years w/very little errors. It allows you to order the correct components and recieve them fast vs. ordering from dealers and going throught models/years/VIN# etc. and may still not receive the right components.
If your car is not listed you can measure the piston sizes and order from "Oder by Piston Size".
Thank you for your understanding and support, it's has been our pleasrue in offering this caliper rebuilding program to you.  You can rest be assured that after your OE (Brembo) calipers are rebuilt with RB components not only they will perform better but last a lot longer.

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