Tech Tips

General Instructions:

    - Direction of Rotation
    - Two Piece Rotor Torque Instructions
    - Disc Surface Deposit
    - Assembling Stoptech or Brembo replacement rings

Brake Pad Instructions:

    - Installation and Break-in Procedures
    - Re-bedding procedure

Caliper & Brake Kit Installation:

    - RacingBrake Caliper Brake Kit Installation
    - 350Z / G35 OE Caliper Big Brake Kit Installation
    - Bleeder Specs and Torque Values
    - Brake Line Installation
    - Bleeding Sequence
    - Rebuilding a RacingBrake caliper with new pressure and dust seals
    - Assembled CP4 and RB4000 caliper

Brake Shim Instructions:

    - Brake Shim Installation

Modification Instructions:
  The following instructions are needed to avoid interference.

    - Z06 Rear Two-piece Rotor
    - EVO / G37S Rear Two-piece Rotor
    - NSX OE Caliper Kit
    - RX7 Front Two-piece Rotor