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Date: 02/01/22
Tesla S Plaid Iron Brake Offer Matrix
Application Front       Rear                Installation Wheel Size (Min)
Rotor Caliper Oversize? Rotor Caliper Oversize?
OE Iron 380x32 4-piston N/A 365x28 1-piston N/A  N/A  
Street 380x32+ OE No 365x28 OE No Parts swap 19"
Spirited 390x33 OE+Spacer Yes 365x28 OE No Parts swap 19"
Track 410x33 OE+Spacer Yes 390x28 OE+Bracket Yes Parts swap 20"
Track+ 432x34 RB 6-p Yes 410x30 OE+Bracket Yes Bleeding Req'd 21"

What a balanced brake system means?

Why S Plaid brake is insufficient for its weight and HP by comparing to other muscle cars.


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