30+ years of knowledge and experience in performance brake design and development.
From a replacement component to the complete brake system;
From the conventional iron to the newest carbon ceramic brake, we have them all!
 Carbon Ceramic Brake  2 pc Rotor & Brake Kit

2-stack.pngCarbon ceramic brake rotor & complete brake system replacing OE fragile CCM rotors or upgrading from standard iron brake.

explored-view.pngUpgrade from OE 1 pc to RB 2 pc light weight high performance rotors for an overall braking improvement and driving comfort.

 Build A Brake Kit
 Caliper Rebuild Components & Service

yellow-6pot-4pot.pngBuild a brake system kit with RB calipers & components.

caliper-kit.png Rebuild OE & Aftermarket calipers with RB component: SS pistons, dust boots, and oil seals.

 Brake Pads  Replacement Components

Upgrade your stock pads for a low dust & no squeaking high performance brake pads.

OEM and aftermarket replacement rotor rings for Brembo, Stoptech, and others.
 Stock Upgrade Rotor
 OE Caliper BBK
Direct bolt-on 1 pc rotor replacement is an affordable upgrade to your stock rotor.
Retain OE calipers, very affordable. Greatly improve braking power and visual appeal.
 Brake Hardware & Accessories  Upgrade Center
Brake fluid, wheel studs conversion kit, anti rattling & heat shield brake shims and more.
Progressively upgrade your brake system without the risk of spending money on something you don't need.