997 (05-12)

Due to the complexity of OE variants, and possible retrofit/caliper swap by customers, your order is subject to further verification as necessary to make sure the kit you ordered will fit your calipers/spindles before the order is validated and shipped.

  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • All kits shipped are guaranteed on fitment, performance, and durability.
  • Feel free to contact us for further questions.
Brake Kit Offer Matrix          
Model Original Caliper Color Rotor Material For Rotor Size-mm (Front/Rear) Rotor Kit SKU#
997 (CS2/4) Red Iron Upgrade BBK 350/350 Por-350.350-bbk 2179-K/2180-K
997.1 Red Iron Replacement 350/350 Por-350.350-Repl 2179/2180
All 997 Red Iron Upgrade BBK 380/380 Por-380.380-bbk 2181-K/2303-K
997.2 Yellow pccb Iron Conversion 380/350 Por-380.350-Con 2361/2180
All 997 Red/Yellow pccb/Iron RB Caliper BBK 380/380 Por-irp-380.380 2338-K/2433-K