(Front set up are comparable to Jeep, w/350x28mm for ALL rear)
Front Rear Fit My Street/Track Model? Fit My Base Model?
Stock Replacement Pads PD2229 PD2231 Yes No
Stock Replacement Rotors (360x32/355x28) (=Jeep WK1) 2664 2665 Yes No
Stock Size (360x32/355x28)-RB 4 pot front caliper/Rear RED Caliper BBK (for Non Perf.) (=Jeep WK1) 2664-K 2665-K Yes (18" Wheels) Yes (18" Wheels)
Big Brake Kit (380x32/380x28)-RB 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK 2667-K 2668-K Yes (19" Wheels) Yes (19" Wheels)
Big Brake Kit (380x34/380x28)- Jeep WK2 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK (=Jeep WK2) 2666-K 2668-K Yes (19" Wheels) Yes (19" Wheels)
Big Brake Kit (400x34/380x28)-RB 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK (=Jeep Trackhawk) 2669-K 2668-K Yes (20" Wheels) Yes (20" Wheels)

Forum discussion on brake development for Explorer ST

Brake Upgrade Q & A

  • Q1: What's the difference between Base model and Performance model in brakes? (Wheels & Tire are excluded from comparison)
    • Performance calipers are painted in red (vs. gray), and has larger caliper, pad, and rotor (362x32 vs. 345x32 on front; 355x26 vs. 325x16?)
  • Q2: What's the difference between Street pack and Performance pack?
    • Both have the same caliper, rotor, and pad but Performance pack has upgraded brake pads (in compound
  • Q3: If I have Street pack how can I upgrade my brake pads?
    • You can order them from Ford dealers or purchase RB's high performance pads (in XT910 compound) for a low dust and no squeak true high performance braking (Our XT910 is the most popular compound for Trackhawk)
  • Q4: If I have a Base model what's the option I have on brake upgrade?
    • You can see above brake offer matrix. All you need is to acquire performance model's "Red" calipers (stock brackets available from RB) you can then order our two piece rotors and brake pads (made for Performance Models) for a true high performance brake set up. Or if you purchase upgraded brake kits you can save even more on weight with further improvement on performance.