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  Front Rear Fit My Street/Track Model? Fit My Base Model?
Stock Replacement Pads PD2229 PD2231 Yes No
Stock Replacement Rotors (360x32/355x28) 2664 2665 Yes No
Stock Size (360x32/355x28)-RB 4 pot front caliper/Rear RED Caliper BBK (for Non Perf.) 2664-K 2665-K Yes Yes
Big Brake Kit (380x32/380x28)-RB 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK 2667-K 2668-K Yes Yes
Big Brake Kit (380x34/380x28)-Jeep WK2 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK 2666-K 2668-K Yes Yes
Big Brake Kit (400x34/380x28)-RB 6 pot front caliper/Rear OE BBK 2669-K 2668-K  Yes  Yes


Brake Upgrade Q & A

  • Q1: What's the difference between Base model and Performance model in brakes? (Wheels & Tire are excluded from comparison)
    • Performance calipers are painted in red (vs. gray), and has larger caliper, pad, and rotor (362x32 vs. 345x32 on front; 355x26 vs. 325x16?)
  • Q2: What's the difference between Street pack and Performance pack?
    • Both have the same caliper, rotor, and pad but Performance pack has upgraded brake pads (in compound
  • Q3: If I have Street pack how can I upgrade my brake pads?
    • You can order them from Ford dealers or purchase RB's high performance pads (in XT910A compound) for a low dust and no squeak true high performance braking (Our XT910A is the most popular compound for Trackhawk)
  • Q4: If I have a Base model what's the option I have on brake upgrade?
    • You can see above brake offer matrix. All you need is to acquire performance model's "Red" calipers then you can order our two piece rotors and brake pads for a true high performance brake set up, or purchase RB caliper kits to save more weight and improve further in performance.