Rotor Assembly Hardware

RB exclusive design of mechanical "self-locking" hardware (M6 vs. others' M5)

Unused hardware                                          After torqued to 110 in-lbs

Shinning threads exhibit the nut effectively bite into the thread permanently so you don't  have to worry about what grade of Loctite to use, and how long it's going to hold.

Final rotor assembly (Tesla Plaid front stock replacement 380x32mm)


RB self-locking design w/o using loctite like most of others, so it can ensure the assembly retains consistent torque during the life of the rotor at any braking temperature.


  • Illustration of disc movement (sliding) during heat expansion & contraction:

RB rotors assembly uses less piece of hardware (2 ea) than the traditional surface mount assembly with multiple pieces (3+), resulting a 2D "Sliding" movement during heat cycles vs. traditional 3D "Floating" design, with the advantage of more effective brake torque transmittal (no slippage) and "No" noise as opposed to the common knowledge of others' "Floating" rotors.


We set a new standard of building a better two piece rotor that you can see and understand why.

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