Model SubModel Year Rotor Size (F/R) Fitment Front Rear
Focus RS 2016+ 380x34/- RB Caliper Kit 2C58-K N/A
Mustang GT500 (S500) 2013-14 380x34/- OE Caliper 2C97 N/A
Mustang GT550 2015+ 380x34/- OE Caliper 2C18 N/A
Mustang GT350R 2016+ 394x36/380x28 OE Caliper 2C67 2C98
Mustang GT350* 2016+ 380x34/380x30 OE* or RB Caliper 2C69 2C17
Shelby GT500 2020+ 420x40/370x30 OE Caliper 2R08 2R09

*Downsized kit intended to fit 18" wheels. Required to trim OE front calipers.