1. Download template from the website (the link is usually under item desctiption)

2. Make sure the print out dimensions from pdf represent the actual numbers (ie. for a dimension of 100mm (3.937") should be equal to the ruler dimension), if not, adjust the SCALE untill the printed dimension is true.

2. Rough cut the template with a scissor.

3. Glue the cutout to a thick (rigid & flat) paper & fine trim the template

4. Place the template to the wheel hub.

5. A minmum clearance of 3mm (1/8") is recommended for both barrel and spoke.

6. Barrel clearance check (like above pic shows a 4 mm) = OK

7. Spoke clearance check- Starting without spacer from the corner of face, if touches the the wheel spokes, unfold (increase) the spacer thickness (3, 5, 8,10,12,15) until you ger 3mm clearance which is the wheel spacers you need.



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