Z06 Rear Two-piece Rotor

This modification applies to the following two-piece rotors:
1. Z06
2. 2176

Installation notes:


Trim the back plate edge approximately 2-3mm (0.1") to avoid interference with the rotor hardware.
When installing “new” rotors you may notice the interference with the pin bolts (outboard side) are in contact with the rotor surface causing some grinding noise and grooving marks on the rotors. (while inboard side has about 2mm space)

This was caused by the misalignment of OE calipers relative to the rotors. We have found out by shimming 1.0mm washer (between the caliper mounting tab and spindle) will satisfactorily make the caliper align with rotors and eliminate this interference issue.

You may not notice this interference (caliper and rotor mis-alignment) especially after the rotor and pin bolt worn down, however we highly recommend to have this alignment corrected the sooner the better to assure optimal performance (no matter it’s OE or aftermarket rotor new or used).
Remove the caliper pad clips to avoid interference between the clips and the fasteners.
Tighten emergency brake to reduce shoe diameter by 0.5mm to allow for fitment of Iron-lined Hat.