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Dealer Application

In order for your application to be considered you must be:

  1. A registered company or entity with a valid business license.
  2. Having a physical business location (tuning shop, automotive dealership, retail store, warehouse)
  3. Order qty should be "More than 1" for the same item with "Multiple Orders", and Meeting the buy-in requirement.

Click to view and download our dealer terms.

 To verify you are not an "one time buyer" just looking for discount and to save our as well as your time, please read this before submitting the application form:

  • You should start ordering the needed parts now w/o waiting for our response - As we don't offer discount on application.
  • We will evaluate your account based on the accumulated order in the past 3 months. If qualified you will be assigned to a dealer group with a discount level that you are qualified.
  • Once qualified the discount is retroactive to the previous orders, and the price difference will be credited to you as a "store credit".
  • Your application will not be responded until you are qualified when the "buy-in" requirement is met.