Two Piece Rotor Assembly & Torque Instructions

The hardware design requires a proper torque to ensure a true "Sliding" function during heat cycles.

RB two piece rotors are fully assembled and checked manually with a torque wrench prior to shipment. DO NOT attempt to further tighten hardware. Tightening the hardware beyond specifications can be as dangerous as under-tightening and can lead to service failure.

The hardware is designed for self-locking and does not require thread lock like competitions' design. If you have to re-tighten any loose or dissembled fasteners you should use thread locker and follow the torquing sequence diagram below.

The recommended torque for the hardware is 100-110 in-lb (~8.5-9.0 ft-lb)

Tip: After properly torqued you will see about 2 threads above the "self-locking" nut that are "shinny" than dull finish indicating the "self-locking" nut has bite into the bolt so the rotor set is now properly assembled and secured.