Assembling Stoptech or Brembo replacement rings

RB replacement rotor rings will replace and upgrade your used rotor rings at a fraction of the cost from your original manufacturer for lasting performance. Here are some tips during your replacement process:

    1. You may find it very difficult to loosen the old hardware. We recommend you lay the rotors flat, spray the hardware with WD40, and let it sit for a while before attempting to loosen them. Make sure you don't strip the Allen head (recessed hex). If you do, go to Step 2.

    1. Due to the rust and thread lock used, you may find it necessary to use a touch (such as those sold at Home Depot for home plumbing) to heat up the fasteners in order to loosen them up. At this stage, you may have already stripped the Allen hex, so you can use pliers to twist them off. Do this with patience so you can save the hats, as they are expensive ($250-350/each) if you have to buy a new one from the original manufacturer.

    1. Clean the hats with brake cleanser. Inspect for any visible damage such as cracks or deformation. Make sure the old hats are safe and sound to re-use.

    1. Discard the old hardware (pin, bobbin, flat washers) and use only the new, simple-to-install RB hardware came with the order. Our hardware is self-locking, does not require thread locker, and keeps consistent torque regardless of the temperature, unlike Loctite 290, which has a temperature limit of 300 degrees F.

Stoptech Fasteners - contains a flat washer that was formerly conical!

RacingBrake Fasteners - includes self-locking hardware - no Loctite necessary.

    1. Assemble the rotor in correct sequence with proper torque @108 in-lbs (9 ft-lbs). Never over torque the fasteners. This can prevent discs from "free sliding" during expansion and contraction heat cycles and cause premature failure.

Two-piece rotor

    1. Our fasteners size are M6. An 8mm or 5/16" (7.94mm) socket will do the job. You also need a torque wrench such as Sears's Craftsman 25-250 in-lbs torque wrench. This torque wrench is inexpensive and very reliable compared to some high cost digital ones.

  1. One more last reminder, DO NOT OVER TORQUE and enjoy happy motoring with RB two piece rotors!