RB Caliper Brake Kit Installation

Tools Needed:

  - 10mm Hex head wrench (required to install caliper to adapter)
  - Assorted wrenches as needed

  1. Jack up the car and place it on safety stands.
  2. Remove the wheel.
  3. Disconnect the brake line.
  4. Detach the existing caliper & bracket from the spindle.
  5. Remove the rotor from the hub.
  6. Clean up all mating (bearing hub) surfaces.
  7. Attach the caliper adapter to the spindle (P/N ADXXX facing you), use the OE caliper bracket bolts (do not tighten yet).
  8. Install the rotor.
  9. Place caliper over rotor & attach caliper to the adapter with the 2 ea of M12/M14 caliper bolts supplied.
  10. Torque the caliper adapter to the spindle per vehicle manufacturer specification (45-50 Ft-Lbs.).
  11. Position the caliper so that the bleeder screw is pointing up.
  12. Torque caliper bolts to 55-65 Ft-Lbs.
  13. Check rotor & caliper alignment.
  14. Spin the rotor & make sure it rotates freely without any interference.
    If you are not replacing brake lines, skip to step 17.
  15. To install stainless steel brake lines, break the fittings and detach retaining clips, if any.
  16. Replace the old lines with the new ones using new hardware supplied.
  17. Bleed the system by following proper bleeding procedures, from the furthermost to the master cylinder first.