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Model 3

  Stock Repl. Stock Repl. Oversize Oversize Oversize Oversize Oversize
Model/Caliper M3 (Silver) M3P (Red) OE Caliper BBK Mdl. S 4 Pot CTS-V 6 Pot RB460 RB6M3
Front 320x26 (2597) 355x26 (2604) 365x26 (2602-K) 355x32 (2603-K) 370x34 (2609-K) 380x32 (2605-K) 390x32 (2530-K)
Rear M3 355x21 (2598)   355x21 (2608-K) 355x21 (2608-K )      
Rear M3P   335x21 (2623) 355x21 (2634-K) 350x21 (2634-K)      
Rear Mdl S       365x28 (2633-K) 365x28 (2633-K) 365x28 (2633-K) 365x28 (2633-K)
      390x28 (2642-K )
Tesla M3 brake upgrade guide:
2603-K + 2633-K (355/365) = Camaro Gen 5 SS & Tesla Model S/X
2609-K2633-K (370/365) = Camaro Gen 5 ZL1 & Cadillac CTS-V V2
2530-K2633-K (390/365) = Camaro Gen 6 ZL1
2530-K + 2642-K (390/390) = Camaro Z28 / Corvette C6 ZR1 w/CCB
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