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F8X M3/M4 (2014+)


CONTENTS (CCB=400x40 /380x28; Iron=380x30 /370x24) FRONT /REAR/ F+R
RB 2pc stock repl rotors (380x32/370x26)-2mm thicker than OE 2384 2385 BMW-IRK-13
RB 2pc track duty rotors w/OE gold 6 pot calipers (380x36/370x26) 2474 2385  
RB 2pc rotors for CCB to iron conversion (400x38/380x28) 2490 2524 BMW-IRK-11
RB Caliper 6/4 pot brake kit (380x34/380x30) 2525 2526 BMW-IRP-10
OE Gold caliper 6/4 kit (380x36/380x28) 2474 2524 BMW-IRP-04