Application/Sub-model Year Front Rear
C6 Z06
PZ-61 (33/33/33x32)

PZ-41 (30/30x35)
C6 ZR1


BZ-61 (30/34/38x32)

BZ-41 (30/34x30)
C7 Z06 14-19

BZ-62 (30/34/38x32)=BZ-61

BZ-41 (30/34x30)
C7 (Std & Z51) 14-19 C7-41 (42/42x27.5)*

C7-42 (30/30x27.5)*

C8 (Std & Z51) 2020+ 

C8-41 (42/42x27.5) (=C7-41)

C8-42 (30/30x27.5) (=C7-42)

*These dust boots & pistons are different from conventional Internal Fit type (only oil seals are compatible), so they are not COMPATIBLE with older models. 

GC7 Z51 calipers not only the boots and pistons are different, they don't come with cross-over tubes because their pistons are same size unlike BC-42, with differential bores so no orientation concern, however there is a small part that holds brake fluid from leaking out of caliper halves after assembly. See pic below.

Instead of OE's bushing, we use O-ring which is compatible with OE bushing based on our hydro test and is a better alternative in material and design.

O-Ring can be purchase here:

O-Ring (Left) is easier to handle than OE bushing (Right)

Where the O-Ring fits (Outboard half)