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Available compounds:
XC Series is a full (100%) metallic (Sintered) pad with Ultra high COF (0.60 - 0.65)
  • XC-41 - Track/Racing only
  • XC-40 - Medium Tracking (Streetable)
ST Series is a high metallic pad that is comparable to OE Brembo, Pagid RSC-1, & Endless W008
  • ST600 - Street & Spirited NEW RELEASE!

See review by a GTR driver:

Links below are ST600 compound for street and spirited driving. For sintered pads you can search by entering -40 or -41 for the available applications.

ASTON MARTIN 2012+ DBS DB9/Vanquish w/CCM PD1395B-360 PD1165-360
BMW 11-17 M5 F10 PD1738-360 PD1469-360
BMW 2018+ M5 F90 PD2155-360 PD2059-360
CHEVROLET 2012+ Camaro Z/28 PD1395-360 PD1165-360
CHEVROLET 09-17 Corvette C6/C7 ZR1 PD1395-360 PD1165-360
FERRARI 08-15 458 California/Italia/GTB/430 PD1395-360 PD1165-360
DODGE 2018+ Jeep Trackhawk CCM Upgrade PD1395-360 PD592-360
MERCEDES 2012+ S/GTS   PD1530-360 PD1681-360
NISSAN 2009+ GT-R R35 w/ZR1 CCM Upgrade PD1395-360 PD1165-360
Porsche 12-16 911 991 GT3 PD1768-360 PD1740-360

Other aftermarket brake pads pricing reference for CCM rotors:

 Pagid RSC-1
Endless W008 (COF: 0.40 ~ 0.45mu) - Good for dual performance street and track driving
Endless W007 (COF: 0.45 ~ 0.50mu) - Circuit Use Only