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Why Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Why Carbon Ceramic Brake?

  • Carbon Ceramic Brake (CCB) adds a special value onto your car.
  • It can withstand much higher braking temperature than the conventional iron.
  • CCB provides a more direct brake feeling.
  • It suffers far less from 'fading' or the reduction in braking power.
  • Substantial weight saving over iron brakes (40-50%).
  • Last a lot longer than iron brakes.
  • Literally no brake dust.
  • Weight savings of up to 50+% compared to iron brakes.
  • Improved NVH (less Noise, Vibration and Harshness).
  • Improved performance (in both wet and dry conditions).
  • Reduced brake wear – giving increased life.
  • Corrosion free.
  • Outstanding performance, even from cold.


Pricing reference from other aftermarket mfgrs:

Wilwood CCM Disc only (price ea): 355x32mm ($2,593.75)
Wilwood CCM Brake kit (per axle) : 355x32mm Caliper kit ($7,700)

Surface Transforms CCM Rotor kit (per axle) for Nissan GT-R ($7,457.50)
Brembo CCM Brake kit (per axle) ($14,000 to $20,000)

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