Replacing OE Caliper

If you don't like OE's bulky, heavy, and/or under-performed calipers, or want to run a more compact (eg 18") wheel/tire but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a name brands* kit, nor you like to deal with those kits using their "proprietary" pads, this is the section for you.

RB caliper & adaptor kits are designed and built for a direct bolt on installation to OE spindles and stock size rotors, plus your pads will now be the standard FMSI pads with abundant compounds available from aftermarket at lower prices than dealers, so you can upgrade your OE set up to a more efficient at lower maintenance cost system yet still stay in OE configuration.

These caliper & adaptor kits are part of our existing brake kits w/two piece rotors, so if you like to further upgrade to light weight 2 pc rotors you may do so later. All calipers are made with built-in dust seals, so no exposed dust boots to burn out, and with open top construction you can easily inspect and change the pad w/o having to remove the caliper from spindles like OE's closed top design.

We further warrant our calipers to outperform OE and/or any aftermarket calipers with a money back guarantee provided your pad and rotor is per-advised and reviewed with our consultation before the event.

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