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How RB CCM Build Compares to Competition

Disc Design:
Traditional Straight Vane Design (Brembo & Surface Transforms):
Rotor are non-directional (Left and right are the same, less efficient in cooling)

RB's Angle Vane Design:
Rotors are directional (More efficient in cooling air circulation to keep braking temperature lower)

Disc Material & Finish Comparison:

RB - Continuous (Long) Fiber & fully machined.

Brembo (OEM) - Chopped (Short) Fiber

Surface Transforms
- Continuous (Long) Fiber (Straight cooling vane)

Rotor Hats
RB hats are machined from forged 6061-T6 aluminum (Higher in strength and structure consistency)

Competitions' hats are machined from billet aluminum.

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