Big Brake Kit Feature Comparison Chart

Features Competitor RacingBrake Benefit of RB kit Remarks
Kits Offered Based on their standard rotor sizes Based on vehicle service duty More efficient in brake performance RB has more than 20 different disc sizes
Rim Consideration Require oversize to fit Fits under stock rims No expensive wheel to buy  
Rotor Design Traditional surface mount Innovative center mount (patented pending) Cooler disc See comparison
Rotor Hardware Use spring/clips (5 pieces) and glue Self locking device (2 pieces) no glue Provides positive and constant torque without rattling noise See details
Rotor Weight Lighter than stock only if same size as stock Lighter than stock and competitions Reduces rotating mass More responsive in acceleration and stopping
Rotor Material Stock material Racing formula materials Minimizing fade, warping or cracking RB's formulas are proprietary
Friction Surface Drilled or slotted Slotted, Drilled & Slotted, and Open Slots More choices See feature comparison
Corrosion Protection None or some coating / plating Electronic Deposition Paint (EDP) Last longer and more appealing RB is the first company introduces EDP finish to the brake industry
Brake Pads Exclusively made for their calipers FMSI standard Your own choice of pad mfgr.  
Affordability Market prices Very affordable Fraction of their price