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955-958 Cayenne (2003+)


Model Year Front Rear
Base 2004-10 BP-601 (34/36/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
Base - Exc.Ceramic Composite Brakes 2011-13 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
Base - Red/Silver Painted Brake Calipers 2004-06 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
Diesel - Exc.Ceramic Composite Brakes 2013 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
GTS 2008-10 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
S - w/330mm front rotors 2003-06 BP-601 (34/36/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
S - w/350mm front rotors 2003-06 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
S 2008-10 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
S Transsyberia 2010 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)
Turbo 2008 BP-603 (36/36/36x30) BP-405 (28/30x32)
Turbo Exc. E81 Power Package 2003-06 BP-602 (30/34/38x32) BP-405 (28/30x32)

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